The crown has been returned to Prince William. His official status as the “world’s hottest bald man” is more impressive than his genuine regal crown.

The Prince of Wales has dethroned Vin Diesel as the world’s most attractive and sexually challenged man, unseating the actor who won the title in 2022.


The lighthearted study, which created a new ranking of the sexiest bald guys in the world, actually has some scientific merit. It draws on factors including voice beauty, worldwide search interest, and the face golden ratio, which last year declared Jodie Comer to be the most beautiful woman in the world.


Prince William topped the list this year with an astounding 9.88/10, closely followed by Diesel, the champion from last year, who scored 8.81/10.


Fans of the ever-popular Jason Statham aren’t deterred by his hairless appearance; the actor came in third on the scientifically verified list, followed by Jeff Bezos and Samuel L. Jackson, whose hairless status is sure to raise eyebrows.


The following individuals complete the list of the ten sexiest bald men: Terry Crews (6.3/10), Shaquille O’Neal (6.5/10), Shemar Moore (6.8/10), Dwayne Johnson (6.9/10), and Michael Jordan (7/10).


Source: Yahoo