Many celebrities have to cope with being stopped on the street all the time, especially when they’re at the height of fame.

While it’s one thing for this to happen to a real superstar, it would rapidly become extremely irksome for someone who just so happens to have a famous appearance.

One woman claims she is frequently stopped in the street by people who mistake her for Jennifer Lopez, but she denies seeing it herself.

Since she was 16 years old, Evelyn Rodriguez has been likened to Jenny from the Block, even when she was a McDonald’s employee.

Evelyn, who is now 37 years old, accepts the comparison as a compliment and said that she still feels “honoured.”

As a qualified makeup artist, Evelyn frequently imitates the star’s most recognizable looks and shares them on social media.

She has created videos with cosmetic looks influenced by the All I Have and I’m Real music videos, as well as a classic JLO look from the 2005 Latin Billboard Awards, even though she doesn’t realize it.

She initially started posting content on TikTok and Instagram solely to give entertaining cosmetic tutorials, but she soon began to receive “bombarded” comments comparing her to the musician. She ultimately made the decision to embrace the comparisons and design styles that were influenced by the 53-year-old.