As a Pacific Islander, how often can you say that you know someone who either works for NASA or has every visited any of the space stations in the U.S.?

Not every day, we’re assuming, so you can imagine how proud we are of 4 high school students, 1 of which is from Tuvalu while the other three are Fijian, who will be on their way to Alabama to visit the NASA Space Station all thanks to an essay competition by the US Embassy in Fiji.

Viliame, Steven, Hayli, and Lice, also known as the Fantastic Four, visited the studio today and they all seemed excited about their trip this Saturday.



Viliame, who is a QVS student, shared with us that this will be his first trip ever on an airplane and even though he’s nervous, he is super excited and doesn’t know what to expect but he knows that he will have fun.

Steven, a Marist Brothers High School student, talked about how he only submitted his essay a minute before the competition ended so it almost feels like he got lucky with this competition.

Haily from Suva Christian, also talked about how she needed the extra push from her mum when she was feeling like not participating in the competition anymore, but I’m so thankful to her mum for encouraging her, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and these kids deserve it.

Lica, our Tuvaluan rep, is not a stranger to traveling, but she says that this trip is super different from her usual adventures and she’s really nervous about it.



All in all, each one of these kids deserve to go on this trip, because after spending the morning with them, I can’t think of anyone better to go on this trip.

You can follow the Fantastic Four’s journey via the US Embassy’s social media pages.