It’s official. Our girl got hitched today.

For someone who believed that they wouldn’t get married this soon and have always brushed off the thought of committing to one person for life, our Penny is finally being hit with the surprise of saying, “I do” to the man she loves, William Petero Dunn.

She’s come a long way. Being a single mom wasn’t as easy as she made it look. As my senior at work, she’s the right example of what a beautiful person is, inside and out. The fact that she’s finally found her perfect someone to spend her life with, we can’t help but feel proud of where she is now. Her beautiful baby boy has now gotten the extra love he deserves and for that, we are grateful.

I know it’s just a few sentences I’ve written so far but this Miley Cyrus – Adore You song playing while I’m writing this is making me feel emotional already so I’m just gonna stop right here before I pen down some stupid and fun memories Penny and the team have done in the past HAHAHAHAHAH

Peniana Lido and William Dunn. We are proud of you both. Lesssgooo Team Dunn !!