Onions have become such a hot commodity that they’re being smuggled into the Philippines.

Customs officers seized $310,000 ($673,169 FJD) worth of white onions concealed in a clothing shipment in their latest bust on December 23, according to the state-run Philippine News Agency. Two days earlier, $364,000 ($790,298.60 FJD) worth of red onions from China found hidden in pastry boxes were also seized by Customs.

By the way, the price of an Onion in the Philippines is the most expensive in the world. Costing a whopping $24.09 FJD per Kilogram

“Smuggling adversely affects the economy not just in terms of revenue loss for the government because of uncollected tariffs and duties. Smuggling also destroys the market dynamics of local products,” he said in a Tuesday statement. “We need strong enforcement of existing laws to effectively address this issue and protect local producers.”

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said he hoped to find a way to sell the smuggled onions to “reduce the supply problems” the country was facing.

[Source: CNN]