The festive season is upon and there is a lot to be anticipated this year. Each and every group of loved ones share their own traditions unique to them only. These traditions can even become celebrated nationwide. Here are some of the odd Christmas traditions from around the world:

  1. JAPAN
    Forget about the Thanksgiving turkey. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular choice for Christmas dinner among Japanese people.

    Reservations are required to eat at a KFC on Christmas Day due to a combination of tiny Japanese ovens and a savvy marketing strategy persuading locals that fried chicken is a typically American holiday feast.

    According to Norwegian culture, witches and evil spirits arrive on Christmas Eve. Therefore, it seems sense that Norwegian housewives store all of their brooms away before bed.
    Venezuelans participate in a daily church service called Misa de Aguinaldo during the week before Christmas (Early Morning Mass).

    It is normal to use roller skates to get to church services in the nation’s capital, Caracas.

    The next time you find yourself grumbling about your grandmother’s holiday chopsuey, remember the children of Greenland.

    They must consume mattak, which is raw whale skin with a little fat, and kiviak, which is created by wrapping an auk (a small arctic bird), burying it for a while, and then eating the decayed flesh of the animal.

    Ukrainians like to decorate their Christmas trees with artificial spiders and webs in addition to traditional tinsel, fairy lights, and ornaments. The custom has its roots in a folktale about a destitute woman who, unable to afford to adorn her tree, awoke on Christmas morning to find a spider draped it in a beautiful, dazzling web. It’s a good luck charm. It’s not about the messy house.
    On the evening of 5 December, German children take off a boot or a shoe exterior their room door. In the morning, in case they’ve been great, they will wake to discover the shoes filled with dessertsIn the event that they haven’t, they will discover it as if it were a branch. Obviously, it is best to take off the most current match of shoes you possess – ideallynew out of the box.
  7. SPAIN
    Here’s one for the Modern Year. In Spain, it is standard to wear ruddy clothing on Unused Year’s Eve. The little town of La Text style de la Figuera has taken the convention one step encourage: a Modern Year’s Eve run with the runners wearing fair ruddy underwear. Coincidentally, the town has the most elevated rate of pneumonia in the nation.


Which one did you find most interesting?