Hilda Baci is now the official record holder for the longest cooking marathon by a single person, according to Guinness World Records.


The 27-year-old Nigerian chef worked in the kitchen for four days, starting on Thursday, May 11, and finishing on Monday, May 15, producing more than 100 pots of food.


She tried to achieve a record of 100 hours, but her record was recorded at 93 hours and 11 minutes because she “mistakenly took extra minutes for one of her rest breaks early in the attempt,” according to the Guinness World Records.


The requirements to complete the longest “cooking marathon” are stringent. She has only taken five-minute breaks per hour or a total of one hour after a stretch of 12 hours for other activities like showering, getting checked up by the doctor, and sleeping.


Thousands of people gathered at the site and sang her praises in jubilation as she quickly rose to fame as a national sensation in the country of West Africa.


Locals and celebrities cheered her on during her 4-day cook-a-thon, including Nigerian artists Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy. Many more watched online via various streaming platforms.