It appears that Nick Cannon is current on information regarding Taylor Swift and her split with Joe Alwyn.

The 33-year-old singer has received praise from the 42-year-old TV personality, who has said that he thinks she would make a “wonderful” mother for his 13th child. The 42-year-old TV broadcaster is reported to have 12 children.

Nick recently discussed the prospect of having another child and whether he has been considering growing his family during an interview on “The Howard Stern Show.” He was also questioned about whether Taylor could possibly become a mother.

He believes they are quite comparable and have gone through similar public situations. I’m in, without a doubt,” he replied.

“I’m totally on board. She is a brilliant songwriter, first and foremost. And one thing I really admire about Taylor Swift is how open and honest she has always been in all of her music, even as a young child. She is somewhat like me, too.”

He continued, “When we’re talking about being in these streets, my stats and Taylor’s are quite similar. So, based on the fact that you’ve dated a lot of famous individuals, I believe she would relate to me very well. I have, too. As a result, we would probably actually understand one another.

The interviewer continued, calling it a “wonderful” idea. Nick chimed in, “I think that would be fantastic. You’re aware that my Spidey senses were tingling.

The TV personality soon went viral after the interview, with the phrase “STAY AWAY FROM HER” trending throughout social media, indicating that the internet, however, seemed to think otherwise.