After stories of the PSG star cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, model and fashion influencer Bruna Biancardi, went viral on social media, Neymar Jr. apologized publicly.

In response to allegations of infidelity, the Brazilian soccer player sent a sincere statement on Instagram asking his partner for forgiveness. He acknowledged treating her “wrong” and stated that he needed her in his life.


In April, Biancardi posted a number of images on Instagram to announce her pregnancy.

The 31-year-old, who is expecting a son with his partner, said he will make the relationship work even if he is unsure of whether it will.


While noting the detrimental effects their prior behaviour had on their relationship, the athlete continued, “Our purpose will prevail, our love for our baby will win, and our love for each other will make us stronger.”


“Bru, I’ve previously expressed my regret for my errors and the pointless publicity, but I feel compelled to do so openly again. The apology needs to be made public if a private problem has become public”, he continued.


The outstanding athlete lost approximately 80,000 Instagram followers due to the apology, which was not well received by the internet.