You know that classic joke that people usually make about how, if you wanted to torture someone you just had to strap on some headphones to them and play some awful music and they’d clear off?

The New Zealand authorities recently used this tactic to clear off protestors camped out in front of parliament with signs and all the works

After many attempts to clear off protestors, authorities resorted to something no one has ever thought of doing for crowd control

They BLASTED the Macarena over loudspeakers for 48 HOURS STRAIGHT!!



That’s two whole days of macarena… WTF!!??

This show of crowd control even prompted an offer from James Blunt to play his “You’re Beautiful” to help clear out the annoying campers

This did nothing to deter the protestors and instead, they danced in the rain to the music

Well, if you can’t seem to chase them… at least show them a good time