Disney has gone wild in the last couple of years with the whole live-action adaptation of some of their famous animations. Let’s be honest some are better than others but the latest venture has had a lot of heads turning because of how diverse the casting.

Sipping Tea Side Eye GIF - SippingTea SideEye RaisedEyebrow ...

In the beginning, there were many sceptics because of the significant changes the new venture was taking! But all that is behind us as the new trailer nods in the right direction.

    1.  The film has both the roles of Triton and Ursula on the money. the casting is immaculate and we can feel the depth coming from both characters, I mean seeing Melissa McCarthy be evil is just a treat.

      Little Mermaid' Teaser Gives First Look at Melissa McCarthy as Ursula
       First, look. Those are just the eyes bruh!
      2. Sebastian is still a Caribbean Crab with more worries than ever. As a kid seeing Sebastian stress over Ariel was so funny but now as an adult, you feel for him.( Ariel was a word that rhymes with Twitch). One Tweet that went viral said that people don’t care much about the creative changes made just don’t change our favourite crab.
      Sebastian From The Live-Action Little Mermaid Looks Weird

3. The colours in the scenes were on a different level and we are just not ready for what Disney is about to throw our way.

The Little Mermaid is a classic and when it comes out we will witness the full show from under the sea but for now here is the trailer.