So it’s Cokes season again which means a new FM96 anthem has finally come along!

This morning on the Crackfast show with Bunene, Drix, and Penny, the song was played on the air waves for the very first time.

The song features vocals from Drix himself, aka Drixstar, with the beat made by Monsieur Lix, a local beat maker and the Ignite Show host, Felix.

The song is has an upbeat feel to it and is nothing short of the Cokes hype that we’ll be expecting in the coming weeks.

When discussing what the song name would be, we decided to pay homage to the many friends we have on our social media platforms that like to comment on our posts.

The song’s name is E YAGA?!

Now all that’s left are some Tik Tok moves and a video clip!

You can listen to E Yaga on your number one, FM96, today.