Growing up, I’m pretty sure most of us would’ve hoped there would be a Zombie apocalypse (thanks to the movies). Nothing would ever prepare us for a possible Internet Apocalypse!

Such an event could result in us losing internet access for months or even years, making satellites and power lines useless.

NASA has launched a spacecraft as part of a mission in an effort to avert this potential “internet apocalypse”

According to Mirror, the US space agency’s Park Solar Probe (PSP) has achieved a significant milestone by navigating through the solar wind. Scientists have warned about the possible impact of an upcoming solar storm (internet apocalypse) that could strike within the next decade.

The spacecraft, which was launched in 2018, took a remarkable journey that brought it close to the sun’s surface, where the solar wind is generated. According to the report, solar wind consists of a continuous stream of charged particles emanating from the sun’s outermost atmosphere, known as the corona. The sun releases a lot of energy and geomagnetic storms, which is the leading cause of this possible Internet Apocalypse.

Guess all we can do is wait and see what happens next.