If you told me that someone bought a hat for over 100 bucks, you will most likely get sour looks thrown your way.  So when you hear that hat is sold for over a million dollars…..shocked is an understatement.

A buyer has paid €1.932 million which is around $4,688,243.31 Fj Dollars and this is one of Napoleon’s trademark bicorne hats. The sale, in Paris, makes the headgear, with its distinctive cockade of ribbons, the most valuable Napoleon hat ever sold.

The two-pointed hats worn by France’s first Emperor were a well-known visual marker even during his life. Napoleon wore the hats sideways, against the prevailing fashion.

He is believed to have owned 120 of them during his life. Before this week’s sale, the most valuable hat was sold in 2014 for nearly €1.9 m.

That hat had been worn at the Battle of Marengo in 1800. That was one of Napoleon’s most famous military triumphs. This hat has a less glorious history and was worn by Napoleon as he returned from exile in Elba, on his way to his final defeat at Waterloo.

The emperor’s sword sold for £3 million in 2007. The engagement ring he gave to Josephine (his wife, who plays an enormous role in his legend) sold for nearly $1 million in 2013.

Both would undoubtedly make much more if sold today.

Source: just collecting