February 2 (UPI) – In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, an animal shelter in Hamilton, Ohio, is hosting a distinctive fundraiser.

The Animal Friends Humane Society announced on Wednesday that a cat litter box will be named after an ex-love interest.

The gift box will cost $5, and the deal will last through February 12. On Valentine’s Day, the shelter will post a Facebook update listing all the sponsored litter boxes, along with names.

“Avoid being depressed on Valentine’s Day! Decide to brighten yourself up by helping animals in need instead “browses the society’s website’s advertisement.

To allow the cats to do what they do best, we will write your ex’s name in a litter box and give it to them in exchange for a $5 donation.

The fundraising is by no means the only odd animal-related campaign associated with the holiday with a romantic theme.

A number of zoos have specials where visitors can purchase a cockroach, give it a name in honour of their ex-lover, and then have it fed to one of the institution’s resident roach-eating creatures, like a lizard.