After learning that his wife had been using his toothbrush behind his back, a man was furious. He related how, occasionally, either accidentally or because she had forgotten her own while travelling, his wife had admitted to using his toothbrush.

He calls this “revolting,” though because he doesn’t want to brush his teeth with her plaque at night before going to sleep. He stated: “My wife doesn’t understand why I find it so repugnant that she occasionally uses my toothbrush. She said that it is exactly like kissing her. On every conscious level, we diverge in our opinions of her.”

He asked people on Reddit if they would be okay with their significant other using their toothbrush, but he wasn’t prepared for the range of responses.

A user stated: “If mine uses my toothbrush, I don’t care. He says he wouldn’t care either, and I just asked.”

Added by another user: “I’ve never found it bothersome. I’d let any girl use the toothbrush that I thought was good enough for a sleepover (I’m not choosy). I support your wife.”

Source: Mirror Online