After her future in-laws attended her wedding wearing matching white outfits, a woman exacted the ultimate revenge on them. The woman added that because she does not share their religion and is not a traditional girly girl, her mother-in-law and three sisters-in-law view her as the “devil incarnate.”

But she was hopeful that on the day of her wedding, they might put their differences aside. “My mother-in-law loathed me from the moment we met,” she wrote on Reddit, “imagine an evangelical Catholic meets a goth atheist. She genuinely thought I was the devil incarnate sent to lure her baby boy into the depths of hell when I moved in with her son and had a baby without getting married.

“I never cared about getting married. I felt weddings were a waste of money. I’d rather have a boat or a new motorbike, but it was important to my husband, so I agreed, on the condition that it was not a church wedding.”

The bride-to-be continued by saying that her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law insisted on being involved in every element of the wedding preparations and wouldn’t stop pestering her unless she consented to accompany them on dress shopping.

 “I hated the idea of a wedding dress. I hate pale colours. I hate dressing up. I hate dresses, but I’d promised my own mum and brother that we could do this together.

“So, my mum, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, brother and his wife all traipsed along with me to marvel at the sight of me in a dress.

“The in-laws behaved and I found a dress that I didn’t hate as much as the others. I paid for it and we left.”

The bride, however, received a surprise the following morning when the bridal store called her, letting her know just how far her in-laws would go to show up on her special day.