Many of us will have discovered a variety of gifts beneath our Christmas trees from our loved ones when we woke up this morning. And regardless of how big or tiny the gifts were or how much they cost, what matters is the thought that went into choosing each one.

However, one mother of two was disappointed this Christmas since her boyfriend chose not to purchase her any gifts but instead gave her cash to spend however she pleases.

She claimed that while she should be “grateful” for the money because it will allow her to spend it however she pleases, she instead felt “really hurt” that her partner, with whom she has been in a relationship for eight years, hadn’t taken the time to find something special for her to open on Christmas Day.

She vented on Mumsnet: “My partner just told me that he is just giving me money for Christmas and that he hasn’t gotten me anything at all. I’m happy to have the money so I can buy the things I want, but I’m also really disappointed because he didn’t give me anything. Even a chocolate bar would have been welcome!

We have two small children together and have been together for eight years. I have purchased all of their gifts, as well as some thoughtful gifts for him.

“He says he couldn’t find anything, didn’t have time, and that I’m too picky. He believes I’m being unreasonable and should just be grateful for the money, despite the fact that I’m feeling incredibly upset.

She then asked other Mumsnet users: “Am I being unreasonable, or would you be hurt too?”

What do you think?