MCU is going wild with all their trailers. This intro to the latest super to join the fight is just what you need in this time of great peril.

Kamala Khan’s Ms Marvel, a beloved recent addition to the superhero comic canon, is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And based on the trailer, she’s every bit as endearing and relatable as her comic iteration.

The new trailer for “Ms. Marvel,” dotted with speech balloons straight out of a comic book, introduces viewers to Kamala, a Muslim, Pakistani-American high schooler from New Jersey who doodles and daydreams about one day joining the superheroes she idolizes. Kamala, who was introduced in comics in 2013 before getting her own series the following year, was Marvel’s first Muslim-American superhero.

Check out this Tweet/Trailer:


Ms Marvel will be a good watch for the whole and make sure you mark the date JUNE 8.