Mr. Beast is still improving people’s lives. It is obvious why the 24-year-old is at the top of the YouTube ladder with over 130M subscribers.

Jimmy broke YouTube’s record for most subscribers in a week in 2022 thanks to popular videos like his Squid Game replication and attempt to endure 50 hours in Antarctica.

Many of his admirers have taken to his altruistic side in addition to loving him for his odd videos, for which they have been known to spend millions of dollars at a time. The YouTube sensation is still changing lives with his newest video.

Over a thousand people received assistance from MrBeast by having surgery to cure their blindness in a January 28 upload.

Jimmy assisted individuals all over the world after observing that half of those with curable blindness lack access to the appropriate care.

Numerous complete strangers from various nations, including Namibia, Mexico, Honduras, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Kenya, and Jamaica, received assistance.

Additionally, Mr. Beast didn’t end there. In the eight-minute clip, Jimmy was seen showering strangers with cash once more. After a successful surgery, the YouTube sensation even went out of his way to buy a Tesla for a young fan.

Additionally, a $100,000 donation was made, which will aid in the global cure of more blindness.

Uncertainty surrounds the YouTuber’s upcoming plans, but he consistently outdoes himself.