Following his recent video in which he offered 1,000 deaf people hearing aids along with a slew of other presents, Mr. Beast astounded fans with his generosity.

The wildly popular YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson has been claiming that his upcoming video will “change YouTube” and that it was his “best video ever.”

That’s a rather high standard to meet given how well-liked his other content is, especially considering in the past he’s pulled off feats like giving 1,000 people their sight back and recreating Squid Game without anyone dying.

Fans expected something truly exceptional because he claimed to have spent “almost 4,000 hours of editing” on the film in a “brand new style.”

They received it in the form of the YouTuber’s most recent video, in which he was shown assisting 1,000 deaf individuals worldwide.

In the video, a YouTuber meets 1,000 deaf people from all around the world and raises money to help them receive hearing aids so they can “hear for the first time.”

After obtaining “over $3 million of cutting edge technology,” according to Mr. Beast, who claimed it “analyzes people’s specific hearing needs and allows them to hear again without causing any damage,” he said he was able to accomplish this.

Additionally, he has been seen giving out many prizes, such as a briefcase filled with $10,000 in cash or a trip to the toy store for one of the younger winners of Mr. Beast’s most recent video.

Many people in the YouTuber’s video became quite emotional as a result of the event, with other prizes being tickets to a Taylor Swift concert and a jet ski for an elderly couple.