Meet the Menders, a group of approximately 16 women, mostly retired, making a difference in the lives of the homeless community.

Every Thursday, they gather at the Broad Street Ministry in Philadelphia, offering their skills to mend clothing for those in need. Equipped with sewing machines, buttons, pins, needles, threads, and ribbons, the Menders tackle various repairs, from routine alterations to saving cherished possessions.

Their volunteer work, spanning almost 12 years with a brief hiatus during the pandemic, involves fixing 12 to 16 items each week. From pants and coats to shirts and hoodies, the Menders contribute to the well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness.

Clients enter the former church, where Sue Becker, an experienced Mender, quickly assesses the clothing brought in and determines the necessary repairs. The Menders’ compassionate efforts provide warmth, comfort, and a sense of dignity to those facing the challenges of life on the streets.

Source: Pubity