While occasionally indulging in your favourite sugary treat is perfectly OK, it can become problematic if you get dependent on it. One woman, however, has a more serious issue than bingeing on cake, chocolate, or chips because she has admitted to having a TOILET ROLL addiction.

American singer Kesha, from Chicago, made an appearance on TLC’s My Weird Addiction to raise awareness of her peculiar habit—xylophagia, an eating problem that involves paper ingestion. Over the past 23 years, the 34-year-old has consumed roughly 75 sheets per day; according to her mother, it’s “like crack” to her.

Kesha moved out of her parent’s house to live with her grandmother and aunt in the sixth grade, and she now believes that this relocation is related to childhood trauma.

I guess I crave it because I enjoy the way toilet paper feels and dissolves on my tongue, the woman claimed.

Kesha prefers two-ply because it is “easy to digest,” but she claims that eating too much causes her to have “stomach pains” and difficulty going to the bathroom.

Every time I saw Kesha, she had a tissue in her hand and tried to tuck it behind her back, according to her mother.

Kesha, however, was unaware of the effects her disease was having on her body until psychiatrist Kimm Dennis informed her of them.
Kimm stated: “The internal rupture of your intestines has the potential to be fatal, and it might be fatal quite rapidly. You are essentially playing Russian roulette with your life by placing your body in danger.”

He suggested she switch to wet wipes instead of toilet paper because they are moist and indigestible because he was aware that she would find it difficult to quit cold turkey.