Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion premiered on Disney+ today, June 21. The series centres around Nick Fury as he navigates a Skrull invasion on Earth, striving to protect humanity and maintain peace.

However, they received Backlash after they chose to use AI in their Opening Credits.

“Very disappointed that Marvel Studios decided to use AI for the opening credits of Secret Invasion,” tweeted a photographer with the handle “@HairyShortStack.

He also includes screenshots of the title sequence showing a variety of eerie, green-tinged images of city skylines, explosions and deformed human figures resembling Nick Fury.


The AI can transform into anyone they’ve seen and even imitates their voice, but often there’s something a little off that keeps them from looking like perfect clones: an atypical voice, facial expressions they’ve never used, or suspicious body language.

It was confirmed by director and executive producer Ali Selim that Method Studios collaborated with AI vendors to design an intro sequence that reflects the themes of shape-shifting and identity explored in the series.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a tad bit disappointed too.