After travelling 400 miles to meet the woman, a married Manchester United fan found out it was all a scam orchestrated by two Liverpool fans he had met while on vacation.

After weeks of online flirting, the 39-year-old met “Emma” on Facebook and ultimately drove nine hours from his home in Sheffield to a rural farm in Scotland to continue their relationship in person.

However, “Emma” was not there when the Man United supporter got there. Three hours later, the jokers finally called him and admitted it was all a ruse.

According to reports, Slann was once tossed into a swimming pool, but things would get worse.

The Liverpool supporters created a false Facebook account under the guise of a Scottish woman named Emma with the intention of humiliating him after they had all returned to the UK.

However, given that the two pranksters had spent clearly weeks online — dressing as a lady and engaging in an intense flirtation with him — you have to ask if anyone actually emerged from this hoax a winner.