A Chinese man who carried out a gas station robbery in 2009 and walked away with 156 yuan ($50.14 FJD) spent the last 14 years of his life hiding from the cops in a remote mountain cave.

Liu Moufu, was in his mid-30s when he took part in a gas station robbery along with his brother-in-law and another accomplice.

They ended up with 156 yuan ($50.15 FJD) between them, 60 of which they quickly spent on some food and fireworks, which left them with just 32 yuan ($10.28 FJD) each.

The three men parted ways, but it wasn’t long before police found Liu’s accomplices and arrested them.

The man realized it was only a matter of time before authorities showed up at his doorstep, so he decided to go into hiding rather than risk prison time.

Little did he know he would spend the next 14 years in a prison of his own making…

The runaway robber spent days hiding in the forest while police searched his home and questioned his family, and he eventually settled in a small karst cave.

He started hunting and scavenging for food, and occasionally ventured into his home village to steal things like potatoes and meat, and see his parents for a few minutes.

He was careful to only go home during big festivals when he knew most people would be in the main square, but even so, he was spotted by others, and police always came sniffing around for him.

It’s unclear whether Liu’s family knew his hiding place, but if they did, they never told the police or visited it while authorities surveilled them.

That meant that Liu Moufu spent most of his days alone, with only a few stray dogs he had taken in to fend off wild animals at night.

As the years passed by, Liu found it harder and harder to put up with the loneliness and the constant stress of being discovered, but somehow he managed to live as a hermit for 14 years.


[Source: Oddity]