Recently, a social media star and artist from Venezuela who let a little monkey permanently tattoo him online caused outrage.

Ink is nothing new to Funky Matas. Even though he has over 220 autographs tattooed on his back, which is a Guinness World Record, his most recent stunt can be considered odd. In what is thought to be a first-of-its-kind experiment, the influencer from Venezuela trained a little monkey to use a tattoo gun before allowing the animal to tattoo himself, according to news sources across South America.

On his social media, Funky Matas stated, “The objective with this tattoo was to create the logo of the NFTs project that I founded with my partner Andy Williams, The F8 Club.” The event provided an intriguing peek into the capabilities of these incredibly clever animals, despite the fact that the tattoo itself wasn’t of the highest quality.

As you might expect, this peculiar experiment quickly became popular online after a video of the inking procedure was shared on social media and sparked a heated discussion. While some praised Funky Matas for pushing the limits of tattooing and demonstrating to the world just how bright monkeys are, others accused him of exploiting the animal.

The internet celebrity claimed to have taken all necessary preparations to ensure the safety of the monkey and everyone participating in the event, including sanitary measures, even if his most recent action did garner a lot of media attention.

Funky apparently only flew to Mexico to find a tattoo parlour owner who was insane enough to let a man with some pet monkeys influence the influencer. The small man was trained by two monkey trainers for an hour before becoming a tattoo artist.