A man had to be rushed to hospital after he swallowed an entire banana in a condom while angry.

The unnamed victim had gulped the fruity contraceptive whole during what he claimed was a fit of rage.



The 34-year-old began vomiting and complained of stomach pains when he was rushed to hospital last year.

Doctors performed a CT scan where they found the slippery fruit, which had started to discolour and turn to mush, lodged in his small intestine. The patient had reportedly been unable to go to the toilet for 24 hours as the fruit had been blocking his bowel.

The man was then rushed to surgery, where doctors safely removed the banana. Photos show the brown mushy filled condom beside the surgical scissors used to fish it out. The man rested in the hospital for three days before he was discharged.



It is believed to be the first case of an individual swallowing a banana in a condom.