Moses Gibson, 41, claimed he battled for a long time to find a girlfriend because of his 5-foot-5-inch height. He initially tried using medication and a “spiritual healer” to try to grow taller.

Gibson told Kennedy News and Media, “I just didn’t feel good about myself,” and claimed he had experienced “heightism.”

He was honest, saying, “I was upset about it most of the time. “It was my general and interpersonal confidence with women. It had an impact on my love life. To add a little bit of height, though it wasn’t much, I used to put items in my shoes.

Gibson started using drugs he bought online that claimed to make him taller out of desperation.

He also started conversing with a spiritual healer, who advised him that, if he put his mind to it, he could get taller.

Gibson understood an expensive and painful leg-lengthening procedure was his only option after the medication and magical thinking both failed to add inches on a height chart.

Gibson underwent the operation in 2016, increasing his height by 3 inches to reach 5-foot-8.

He now pulls the severed bone apart a millimetre at a time, three times a day, using a height-lengthening gadget.

He also adds that he is able to approach women due to his newfound confidence.

I guess you could say he got a ‘leg up’ on the dating game.