A man who went for petrol after running out of it eventually ended up winning $1 million after purchasing a scratch card at the gas station.

Michael Schlemmer, a resident of Corbin, Kentucky, noticed that his car was almost out of petrol and pulled into the Convenient Food Mart to fill it up.

Schlemmer admitted, “I ran out of gas and coasted in there.” “I bought a ticket and $20 worth of gas with the 40 dollars I had on me.”

He disclosed the sign that indicated he had won a massive $1 million when he scratched off his $20 ticket.

“I scratched it off, looked at it, and went back into the store,” Schlemmer said.

“I displayed it to the girls who sold it to me, and they nearly had a tantrum.

The store’s proprietors were present, and they both began smiling.

The Kentucky Lottery has announced that The Convenient Food Mart would get $8,620 for selling the winning ticket.
Schlemmer stated that he will keep the remainder of his money and use it to purchase a new car for himself.