A recent police complaint against an Indian man’s father for allegedly wooing his wife and then eloping with her made national news.

They say that love is blind and that everything is fair in love and war, but there are also cases of forbidden love.

A worker from the Indian state of Rajasthan named Pawan Vairagi claims that his own father fell in love with his wife and tried to seduce her away from him. Vairagi, who is from the village of Silor, said to the authorities that he had been away from his family a lot because of work, which reportedly allowed his father to spend more time with his wife and seduce her.

The couple recently fled, leaving Pawan’s little daughter behind.

As soon as Pawan Vairagi realized his wife had left with him, he hurried to the Bundi district police station and accused his father of taking both his wife and their bicycle, which they allegedly used to flee.

Pawan allegedly accused his father of engaging in additional criminal activity, but it’s unclear if he did so on the basis of any evidence or simply out of wrath, according to Indian media. In response to questions from reporters, the victim said he had filed a complaint against Ramesh Vairagi and added that he thought his wife was innocent.

In addition, he charged that authorities had not taken his case seriously. Police refuted the charge and insisted that they were making every effort to locate the couple who had gone missing.