A Swiss man ended up in the hospital after reportedly putting his head into the Jet D’Eau, a giant water fountain on Lake Geneva, and being thrown several meters into the air.

According to eyewitness reports, the 20-something man, whose name has not been revealed, somehow breached the security perimeter around Geneva’s famous Jet d’Eau water fountain and put his head into the nozzle of what is essentially an extremely powerful water cannon. The Jet D’Eau pumps out 500 litres of water per second, at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour, to a height of 140 meters (460 feet) into the air. When the water sprouted out of the fountain, the young daredevil was catapulted backwards by force, which was a lucky outcome considering the alternatives. However, this was only his first attempt…

Seemingly not one to be content with having survived a giant water cannon shot to the head, the Swiss man once again climbed the Jet D’Eau, this time in an apparent attempt to embrace it (WTF). When the powerful jet of water shot out of the fountain, it sent the man flying several meters into the air, from where he crashed onto the cement platform around the Jet D’Eau.

The man managed to get up from his fall and threw himself into Lake Geneva, from where the police, ended up fishing him out where he was then rushed to the hospital to have his injuries checked.