A man in India was apprehended attempting to impersonate his girlfriend during an exam at Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Punjab’s Faridkot district. The individual, identified as Angrez Singh, disguised himself by wearing lipstick, makeup, and female attire, complete with accessories like red bangles and a bindi.


His goal was to take the multi-purpose health workers exam on behalf of his girlfriend, Paramjit Kaur. Despite a convincing disguise, the biometric scanners at the examination centre detected inconsistencies with the data, leading to his exposure.


University officials initially dismissed Angrez, but a subsequent complaint resulted in an investigation and allegations of multiple offences. Paramjeet Kaur, the intended beneficiary of the impersonation, is also under scrutiny for her potential involvement in the scheme. It appears that Angrez offered to take the exam for Kaur after she had previously failed the same test.


The motive for this unconventional plan was rooted in the desire to improve Kaur’s chances of passing.


Initially claiming a familial relationship with Kaur, Angrez’s lie was exposed by authorities. This incident echoes similar cases globally where individuals resort to disguises to assume the identity of their partners during exams.


Notably, the lengths people go to for the sake of love and academic success continue to surprise, emphasizing the unique and sometimes unexpected challenges faced by those navigating the pursuit of education.