A man has made the decision to spend 100 days submerged to explore how it impacts his body.

The odd experiment was started on March 1 by Joe Dituri, a professor at the University of South Florida. Dituri, who goes by the moniker Dr. Deep Sea, made the sea his “home” for three months in order to conduct a groundbreaking biological study.

Dituri is conducting an experiment to look for “new strategies to revitalize marine habitats,” according to a statement from the university.

Dituri, who has a PhD in biomedical engineering, will test medical technologies that might be used to stop a variety of human ailments.

There is only one catch, the press release said: “He’s trying to accomplish it for 100 days while doing it all 30 feet underwater.”

Dituri will break the world record for “the longest time surviving underwater under ambient pressure—1.6 times that felt on land” if the mission is successful.

“So, we think I’m going to emerge super-human,” he continued.