When a grandpa opened a bag of store-bought broccoli that had been in his refrigerator for three days, he got a shock.


On June 2, 63-year-old Neville Lenton purchased the vegetable at a shop in the UK. Three days later, when he was opening the bag to make supper, he noticed a snake inside.


Before realizing how large it was, Neville initially thought the creature was a caterpillar.


It was quite frightening, he remarked. I’m not a decent snake handler. The broccoli would have been loose throughout the house if I had simply left it out in the kitchen.


Ann-Marie, Neville’s 57-year-old sister, picked up the snake and took it back to the shop where he had bought it. “The guy in the shop was pretty scared, too,” he continued.


Later, it was transferred to a nearby zoo, where it was identified as a ladder snake.