Have you ever wondered what your own funeral will be like, or who might turn up? Well, a curious Brazilian man has faked his own death to find out.

Let’s just say he sparked controversy among friends and family when doing so.

As an experienced ‘ceremonialist‘, a sort of master of ceremonies for these kinds of events, 60-year-old Baltazar Lemos had conducted hundreds of funerals, some of which had been attended by as few as 2 people, others by as many as 500.

This made him think about just how many of his friends and family would actually come to pay their respects and bid him farewell when he passed on. Since he couldn’t really know, he took it up a notch upon himself to fake his death and see how many people showed up to his funeral.

It’s safe to say that many of his friends and family paid their respects to him during his funeral. Those in attendance were in shock at his sudden passing and tears started pouring from many people’s eyes.

Suddenly, the alter doors flung open and his friends and family were confronted by Lemos!

Let’s just say they weren’t one bit pleased nor did they find his prank funny.

But, can we just agree that this man is kind of a Legend?