A Lithuanian man has been arrested in Spain after allegedly faking heart attacks at 20 restaurants around the country in order to avoid paying the bill.

The unnamed 50-year-old man reportedly scammed at least 20 eateries, the majority of them in Spain’s Costa Blanca region, by theatrically faking a heart attack. After ordering food and drinks, he would put on an outrageous theatrical performance, clutching his chest and pretending to faint on the floor. The scam worked like a charm until one establishment owner saw right through the man’s act and started other local restaurants photos of him warning them not to fall for his heart-attack routine.

After having tricked dozens of restauranteurs with his fake heart attacks, the scammer may face his biggest challenge yet. Because the bills he usually tries to skip are relatively small – a few tens of euros – his crimes are considered minor, so the repercussions reflect that. Most of the time, he just spends a night behind bars, which he appears to be fine with. However, a number of restaurant owners plan to team up and file a joint complaint which could land the man up to two years in jail.

SOURCE: odditycentral