After breaking the global record for the most alternating fist bumps in a half-minute, serial Guinness World Record breaker David Rush increased his already amazing total. An online video of the supersonic salutations that was posted on Sunday is currently going viral.
To beat the record for the most alternating fist bumps in under 30 seconds, which is reportedly a thing, was the aim of this ostensibly sadomasochistic action.

Rush from Idaho stated on his website about the fist-filled greeting, “Joey and I had to punch each other thousands of times to make this happen.” Joey was his partner for the stunt. “We bled and we perspired. We were hurt.

He joked, “When Joey made me take off my brass knuckles (wedding band), we got rid of the unfair pain.”

The incisive video shows the prolific record breaker and Joey, the kid of his neighbour, squabbling before the amicable brawl. The two start striking each other’s fists with both hands with jackhammer-like speed and accuracy after a woman counts down off-screen.

Rush and his assistant are said to have broken the previous record of 174 set by Nafees Istay Taufiq Antu and Akibur Rahman Saikat in April by striking their fists 273 times in 30 seconds.

Rush explained that although they actually made contact 297 times in 30 seconds, 24 of them had to be rejected due to Guinness’ strict requirements for what qualifies as alternating fist bumps.
Regardless, the Idahoan was pleased to enter their name in the record books, especially in light of how challenging this particular endeavour was.

He said, “I previously held the record for the most fist bumps in a minute with different people, but this one was more technical and demanding.” The primary technical area we needed to concentrate on was Joey’s left arm drift.

“When moving each hand five times per second, it’s possible to lose control of some components and have form deteriorate,” he continued.

In a related accomplishment this past March, Rush fist-bumped 152 people to set the record for the most fist bumps in a minute with different people.