Residents from Makoi continue to raise concerns regarding the selling of drugs near a major supermarket in the area where some boys are often seen smoking marijuana.

Residents are worried as they do not feel safe while shopping in the area as some of them are targeted while leaving the supermarket with their goods.

Acting ACP Chief Operations Officer Livai Driu earlier mentioned that officers continue to monitor and patrol the area daily and people have been taken to the police station on many occasions regarding this issue.

In April, four people were arrested and produced in court after being found in possession of illicit substances.

fijivillage News is yet to receive the statistics for May.

As concerns continue to be raised on what is being done to bring this issue to a complete stop outside the supermarket due to serious dangers for the public, Police assure members of the community that there are plans to curb these issues and they require everyone’s support.


[source: fijivillage]