Sometimes we often think that LOVE is about being protective but there is a fine line between protecting your lover and basically harassing your partner.

An extremely jealous woman in Argentina was recently arrested for keeping her boyfriend a prisoner in her house for three days to make sure he didn’t cheat on her.

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The police in the Argentinian city of La Plata rescued the 29-year-old man from a locked room in his girlfriend’s house. He claimed to have been locked in there for over 72 hours following an argument with his girlfriend of six months, who happened to be extremely jealous. After uninstalling WhatsApp from his phone and then smashing it against the floor to prevent him from talking to other women, the unnamed woman reportedly locked the man in a room. She kept him there for three days straight, until he was somehow able to steal her phone and text a friend for help.

When police arrived at the house, they could hear the desperate man screaming for help from the locked room, so they arrested his 30-year-old girlfriend and gave him back his freedom. The man told them that his girlfriend had been jealous since the beginning of their relationship, going as far as to set a ‘time of return’ whenever he went out with his friends.

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The jealous woman has been arrested and charged with “illegal deprivation of liberty”.

The things we do for love can sometimes be too far and in this case, landed an over-loving woman in the slammer. Now we can say we have heard it all.

(Source: Oddity)