In this day and age where people love to post everything on social media, we’ve seen people putting up photos and videos of them feeding the homeless or giving money to the poor.

Nine times out of ten, the content can come off as cringy, because why would you wanna help people if it’s just to show off to people that you helped? That doesn’t sound genuine at all.

With that being said, we appreciate the efforts of people that have been consistently lending a helping hand to the needy without making a big show about it.

Like this family from Howell Road that has an ongoing tradition of feeding the homeless at the end of every month.

Bunene was enjoying a walk through the capital city early in the morning yesterday when she met this family walking around town doing what they do.

Bunene first thought they were part of an organization, but then she later found out that they were just a family doing the right thing by helping out the less fortunate however they can.