It’s a beautiful sight when you see a couple of young kids gathered around and focusing their attention on something they’re reading…or in this case – watching. (before you find out what it really is)

Three days ago I was walking up the road to my house when I noticed some kids in the yasa listening to Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want”. I thought to myself, “Man…I didn’t know Lil Nas X had that much of an impact for us to be jamming to his song because c’mon, his genre of music is not usually our cup of tea…especially with these same kids who I’ve noticed, have always been inclined to bus jam remixes.

It was all going well and good. They were moving their feet on the beat and bobbing their heads while one was singing along to it. Until the point where the song ended, Sailasa came up with the brilliant idea of checking out the music video. Now mind you, I was standing just right outside the house, witnessing their fascination towards this song and I knew this was going to get interesting.

For those of you who are yet to familiarize yourselves with this iconic pop star Lil Nas X, he’s been known to hit us with a lot of controversial visuals and lyrics that’d make you go “AE EVEEEE..HOW THE HECK DID I END UP HERE?”. 

So there they were, watching the first few seconds of the music video…eyes practically glued to the screen. As soon as “that part” showed up, the kid holding the phone threw it in the drain. IT’S THE WAY HE REACTED AND YEETED THE PHONE INTO THE DRAIN THAT ALMOST MADE ME LOSE BALANCE ON THE PIECE OF TIMBER I WAS STANDING ON.

That was it for me. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as I saw them go into a state of panic when they realised the phone that ended up in the drain, is now cracked and missing the back cover. And to think they would disperse after that, they all spoiled the phone holder/thrower, teasing him “Iaaaaaa…iko ga vei nomu na” (Iaaa…you ga to your mother”)

Oh man, was that day eventful. A lesson was learnt on this day. Tui (phone holder/thrower) never again took his mom’s phone without her permission.