The National Parks Service in the United States of America has asked people to stop licking a specific toad.

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Honestly, who had the idea to do this in the first place, and what exactly were they trying to do?


So the toad up for discussion is the Sonoran Desert toad which is found in a fairly wide area in northern Mexico and across the southwestern USA.

Also known as the Colorado River toad, it is known for having glands on its skin from which toxins are secreted.

Those toxins – if you pick the poor thing up and lick it – are known to have psychoactive properties.

OK, the first thing to note is that not everyone is licking the toads or do you?

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They exude two toxins – 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenine – which are both from the hallucinogenic tryptamine family.

It’s worth pointing out that these secretions are a defence mechanism for the toad.

They’re meant to stop you eating it, and they can be seriously toxic to some animals, including us the humans.

It might seem fairly self-explanatory that you shouldn’t go around licking animals that you find in the wonderful and varied national parks.

As the National Parks Service of America points out, please don’t go around licking things you find on the floor.

Let alone things that are alive and secreting toxins.

Source: UNILAD