‘It’s the final countdown!’ so Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, his girlfriend Camilla Morrone’s 25th birthday was last week – and guess what he’s NEVER dated a woman over that age

He has famously never dated anyone over the age of 25

They have been dating since 2017 when she was just 20

Leonardo DiCaprio fans have jokingly suggested that he will be breaking up with his model girlfriend soon

It’s been a long-running joke where he ends relationships with previous lovers before they hit 25.

One fan commented: ‘Happy Birthday sweetie!!! It’s time for us to break up’

Another noted: ‘her lease is almost up.

‘If they make it one more year, it will be his longest relationship, and she will be the first 26-year-old he has dated,’

‘I have a feeling he might wait it out another year just so he can get the media off his back.’