An Indonesian woman allegedly posed as a corpse and then had her son upload the photos to Facebook in order to get out of having to pay a $268 debt.

People trying to get out of having to pay their debts is nothing new, but some people go to extreme lengths to accomplish this.

Take, for example, this Indonesian woman who framed her own death on social media in order to not have to pay back her $268 debts.

According to her creditor, Liza Dewi Pramita had already asked for an extension on the loan because she couldn’t pay her money back, but when the second deadline was about to expire, the woman’s son announced her tragic death on Facebook, along with photos of the woman’s dead body, complete with bits of cotton in her nostrils.

Liza Dewi Pramita’s son took to Facebook to announce that she had tragically died in a car accident on a bridge in Medan.

He also posted photos of the woman’s body with her eyes closed and with bits of cotton in her nose, as well as of a gurney and medical staff pushing a dead body covered with white sheets.

At first, Gunwan was saddened by the woman’s passing, putting the uncollected debt out of her mind, but then Pramita’s son announced that she would be laid to rest in Aceh Tamiang, which was unusually far from her home.

This made her question everything, so she decided to inspect the Facebook photos more carefully. After googling the photos, she found that the ones not showing the woman’s face were simply taken from the internet to stage her death.

Upon confronting the boy about the photos, he reportedly admitted that the whole thing had been a farce orchestrated by his mother in order to get out of having to pay her debts. Unfortunately, even after this revelation, Liza Dewi Pramita was still nowhere to be found, and Maya has yet to receive her money back.



[Source: Oddity]