These tigers have a very special story because of their very special relationship they have with this dog.

Because she saved their lives

This Labador has no problem sleeping in the same cage as her “kids”

And does not seem to feel any fear or danger

Because these carnivorous wild cats approach her with love and affection because they believe that she is their mother.

When these tigers were babies, they were abandoned by their mother who did not want to feed them.

That’s when a caretaker had a desperate new idea.

A dog that didn’t have an owner that lived in the park had just given birth.

The dog was then taken to the tigers to feed them

Days passed and she raised them as if they were her own.

They developed a unique relationship as the tigers believed that she is their real mum

Because she nurtured them from a young age

Now that they are bigger than their adoptive mother, they still respect her authority.

That’s how this Labrador became a mother to tigers.

And their relationship still amazes people because they can anticipate that the worst could happen

But they are just playing with their mother and showing her affection.

She took on the role of mother very well and raised these cubs to be big tigers that still love and respect her.


Now this a story that could warm even the coldest of hearts!