Kurt Baker is known to have some epic poses in his rugby career like the thumbs-up pose that would have fans from the opposing team cuss at him when he scores. Safe to say he has done it again, yeah if you don’t remember the All Blacks Sevens veteran’s epic celebration for when they win. Here we go

All Blacks 7 after winning Gold at the LA 7s

Yes, he is Naked!!! He brought out the old pose after winning the final tournament of the HSBC series in Los Angeles.

To fully understand how this celebration came about to be we have to rewind to when the All Blacks Sevens won the World Cup 7s in 2018. The World Cup winners went viral when Baker posed naked on Trael Joass’ shoulders in a team photo after their tournament final win at San Francisco. In an interview, Baker shared that the prank was designed to amuse teammates, as they wound down from a stressful week.

“It was just for a bit of a laugh, “I have always sort of done something like that if we win something, so thought I better keep up the tradition, given it was a World Cup”. (Kurt Baker 2018)

All Blacks 7s after winning the World Cup in 2018.

The victory couldn’t be complete without Bakers’ Trademark celebration.

Kurt Baker in Vancouver

Love him or hate him Kurt Baker will forever have the most epic Trademark celebration ever.

(Source: Newshub/ FB)