With the Holidays going on for some school kids around Fiji right now, kids are probably at home and on their gadgets but here are a few ways you can get them off the couch and into something that’ll keep them occupied and out of trouble:

1. Art and Crafts

Fiji has no shortage of supplies and ideas to come up with crafts, one only has to look out the window to find bits of wood and fashion something for decoration.

Drawing and painting, clay modelling, papercraft and origami, beadwork, basket weaving, sewing and knitting and carpentry. Any way to help kids busy and nurture their creativity

2. Books

Introduce your kids to the world of books. From adventure to fantasies, from biographies to thrillers, from how to do to factual books,they offer everything in terms of entertainment and

Take them for book shopping and ask them to choose for themselves. Make reading a daily habit, maybe a bedtime ritual. If your kid is younger (can’t read), read it to them.

You can ask your kid to write their own books or write poetry.

3. Have them learn some music or dance.

Music can get your kid moving, grooving and dancing. It also is calming and soothing. So, next time when your kid is getting bored, turn on their favourite song and see them dancing.

Even better if your child plays some instrument. Listening to music, dancing is a great stress buster.


4. Board Games

Keeping a child engaged with board games encourages them to use their minds and imaginations to make up tactics to play

All in all, when the kids are home for holidays, keep them occupied and well-fed and you won’t smell trouble