First of all, just wanna congratulate Kartik on being able to find Elf Drix in Thurston Garden last week Friday

So here’s the story… this week Kartik came around work to pick up his cash prize

As he was about to receive the winnings we asked to take a photo of him

That was when he asked if the photo could be taken with the receptionist as she was pretty and would make the exchange fancier


May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'want to take a picture with your receptionist! She's pretty." -Kartik from Raiwaqa circa 2021 Congrats to one of our FM96 Elf Drix with Digicel Shake n Win winners, Kartik!! Our receptionist sends her regards. #fm96elfriwithdigicelshakeandwin'


Well… fancy is quite the understatement because the post caught fire

Especially from Kartiks Friends and Family cause boy did he get the spoiling of his life

Turns out Kartik is happily married to a beautiful Alisha Khan… and guess what… she replied to this post in the most awesome way possible…


May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says 'Alisha Khan Kartikesh Chand guess who is cleaning the house and doing the laundry for the whole of December 37m Like Reply Siu Chung Alisha Khan that $100 going to you, don't worry 34m Like Reply 1 Alisha Khan Siu Chung did forget to mention that am keeping the $100 too 34m Like Reply 2 Write a reply...'



What a way to keep your cool… Kudos to Alisha for that comeback though

Kartik my awesome brave brother… our prayers and thoughts are with you


May be an image of 1 person


May you have the strength to endure the house cleaning and laundry duties LOL

For real though… love you guys and thanks for making us laugh