After four days on the run, an escapee kangaroo was apprehended again in Canada, according to the authorities, but not before it struck a policeman in the face.

Following the appearance of films on the internet purporting to show the marsupial hopping along public roadways, authorities responded to a report of a kangaroo on the loose in Oshawa, a city on the Lake Ontario shoreline east of Toronto. The police approached and successfully caught the kangaroo by her tail after receiving training on the safest methods of doing so.


The kangaroo resisted the officers’ attempts to catch her until they offered her a lift back to the zoo for medical examinations in one of the department’s K-9 kennels.


According to Boileau, authorities kept an eye on the missing animal for over four hours after first noticing her on a rural Oshawa property at around three in the morning on Monday. The cops were told to seize the kangaroo’s tail, but instead of doing so, she smacked one officer in the face.

The approximately four-year-old kangaroo went missing last Thursday. The animal “jumped over” its handlers and bolted off while riding in a truck that was en route to a zoo in Quebec that had stopped at a rest area, according to Cameron Preyde, the park supervisor and head keeper at the Oshawa Zoo.


The Oshawa Zoo is the temporary home of the kangaroo.


According to Preyde, the kangaroo will remain at the Oshawa Zoo “for a little while longer” in order to “let her rest up and make sure she is safe.”